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A Round Of Young Art Biennale Exhibition 2019 At HCM Fine Arts Museum

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I enjoyed going to art exhibitions so this morning I visited the Young Art Biennale exhibition at HCM Fine Arts Museum. Seeing the exhibition is a good choice to enhance aesthetics and culture and help us ponder more about the world and society we live in, especially with contemporary art.

Young Biennale 2019 selected and exhibited 135 works, from hundreds of works, many genres such as paintings, statues, sculptures, installations … of 107 authors and 2 authors from all provinces all over the country sent to the exhibition.

I went to see and buy tickets for 30,000VND for adults, while the students were 15,000VND, followed by me is a pretty good price to go see art, and to contribute to museum maintenance fee and work.

After watching a round of exhibition exhibitions in 7 main compartments and sub-corridors, I saw many efforts of young authors expressed through each work, a desire to be brought to the viewers personal feelings as well as an honest, objective view of human society. These are the views of the digital age when people are too focused on electronic devices but forget about the real world around; human economic, urban, and utility development comes with adverse impacts on the environment and living things on the earth; or the interference between tradition and modernity: the question of what to retain and what to integrate, etc. In addition, some topics about family, dreamy landscapes or moments The emotional life is often exploited by young authors.

However, despite the call to submit the work, it encourages all forms of expression, the exhibition is still absent and there are not many types such as installation, video art or performance; mainly still painting and sculpture. Placement and video art are two forms that allow artists to freely create and express their intentions in a more diverse way. So I wonder if this is due to the limitation of funding from organizers and sponsors in helping money for authors to make works, shipping fees as well as prizes? What a pity it is with the message “New spirit!” which the organizers have come up with and towards the biennale this time, I have hoped for more new things. A national exhibition will be attractive to the general public as well as art lovers much more if it is inspired by the fresh breeze, thereby stimulating curiosity from the masses, especially young people.

In addition, thinking that a large-scale exhibition like the young Biennale of Fine Arts, the organizers and the judges did their best as well as with the mentality of the authors, it was necessary to have a curatorial team. for a more professional and complete exhibition. It is a way of arranging the work in each gallery space, how to properly match the sequence to the introduction of the work, which needs to be carefully written and edited.

One point I see the exhibition will be more complete if the showrooms are turned on with cool air conditioners. Saigon is in the days of high temperatures that enter the space of air-conditioned museum to 31 degrees C. Visitors who come in are also sweaty, quite affecting the spirit of enjoying the works. I wanted to stay longer for a good look at the work, but only for more than 30 minutes I had to leave.

This is the 5th young Biennale Fine Arts held. Over the previous four times 2009 – 2011 – 2013 – 2017, it is undeniable that what Ho Chi Minh City Fine Arts Association collaborates with other units has tried to do to bring to the public quality and scale exhibitions, but There is still a more perfect desire to inspire creative inspiration for young artists, and encourage the public to see more art.