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All new watch faces on watchOS 6: Nice, Poison, Strange Jayden Tran 2019

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watchOS 6 introduced by Apple at WWDC 2019 has a total of 6 new watch faces . Please take a look at:

1. Modular Compact

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A mixed type of Analog and Digital


2. Solar Dial

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This face will display the length of the day when touched


3. Gradient

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The lines on the gradient face will move in 3 hours, minutes, and seconds. This face is simple but pure


4. California

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California is a mixed roman and roman numeric face, but also Roman, Arabic and Hindi

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Select the display of the overflow or show the round face


5. Numerals Duo

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In order to face Eastern Arabic and Devanagari, others look at what planet you come from


6. Numerals Mono

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Choose a font

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Adjust “gut” or “gut” and choose color


New Complication:

In addition to the new watch faces, Apple also added a new series of complications (small apps integrated into the watch face for real-time information or access shortcuts).

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