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Amazon Official Join In Vietnam Market

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Amazon has finally officially arrived in Vietnam and Vietnamese people will be able to sell through This time is real, not a misunderstanding like the information last year. Specifically, on January 14, Department of Trade Promotion under the Ministry of Industry and Trade and Amazon Global Selling announced cooperation. Vietnamese people, Vietnamese businesses will have many opportunities to export via e-commerce, bringing their products to more than 300 million buyers accounts of Amazon worldwide. Update: Currently this cooperation agreement only refers to Amazon support for Vietnamese sellers and businesses. There is no specific time on when things will start to happen as to whether Amazon has policies for buyers in Vietnam.

Specifically, Amazon will support Vietnamese businesses to develop brands, train on e-commerce, export goods and sales skills on Amazon. This is supposed to be the first step for Amazon to bring its “full” platform to Vietnam, similar to how Amazon came to Singapore in June 2017. The director of Amazon Global Selling in Southeast Asia also commented that Vietnam has many strong products to sell on Amazon such as apparel, footwear, handicrafts, ..


Before Amazon, Alibaba also acquired Lazada to officially set foot in the e-commerce market in Vietnam.