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Apple May Release Powerbeats True Wireless in April 2019

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After the launch of the new generation AirPods, Apple is expected to release a Powerbeats version of true wireless in April. According to CNET, Powerbeats true wireless version will be equipped with the latest H1 chip and wireless charging case like the new AirPods. Currently more accurate information about features and prices may have to wait for April to know.

Powerbeats and Beats X are two wireless headsets released shortly after Apple launched the first-generation AirPods in 2016. This is somewhat certain that Apple will upgrade the headset. My sports in the future. The new AirPods still lack features such as water proofing or health monitoring to cater for sports will be a great opportunity for Powerbeats to have more of their land. Powerbeats3 is currently priced at $ 199, so the true wireless version of this headset will definitely cost more. If Apple sells Powerbeats true wireless, how much will it cost?