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Apple Watch May Be Equipped With Sleep Monitoring Capabilities in 2020

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Apple Watch is currently the most popular smart watch today with many features to monitor health and especially the ECG feature on the latest generation. However, one of the features that many people expect is the ability to monitor sleep is still different. Recently, Bloomberg has just revealed that Apple is currently testing this feature and will soon release this feature in … 2020.


Sleep monitoring is not a very special feature because it is now available on many other smart devices of Fitbit, Withings, …. However, the issue of Apple Watch is probably due to battery life when Apple products can only last 1 day of use. That means users have to charge at night when sleeping if they want to use it fully the next day.

Currently Apple Watch users who want to monitor their sleep can use the app from the 3rd. There are many applications of this type on Apple Store, I am using AutoSleep to view every day for fun. With great improvements last year on Apple Watch Series 4, maybe this year we only have a few minor upgrades on Apple Watch Series 5 and it is not until 2020 that Apple brings many interesting things to the product. mine.