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Hands-on Leica Q2: Sensor 48MP, Waterproof – Priced About 6000$

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Although upgraded from 4-year-old Leica Q, on this Q2 Leica you will hardly realize the design and style changes of the machine. In return, Leica focuses on upgrading small features that affect the user experience and internal hardware configuration to make Q2 more robust and convenient. With a genuine price of 139 million VND, the IP52 water and dust resistance is also a necessary upgrade for the machine.


In terms of design, Leica Q2 is still in a compact and minimalist chassis, advanced mechanical processing. There are almost no differences in design between Q and Q2. The front is still a red Leica logo, the plastic surface around the lens is shaped like a Leica Q. A small difference on the front you can see on the light-assist lamp when focusing. Now it is located in the black plastic part underneath the color shop with the camera body and is not exposed as in the Q.


The overall design didn’t change but Leica didn’t forget to upgrade some small details in Q2 to make it more like rangefinder Leica M than ever before. It’s not hard to see that when you look at the function buttons on the back, the position of the Leica Q2 or the switch on / off. The 5 function buttons on the Leica Q are minimized to only 3 buttons with larger sizes, 2 reduced buttons including ISO and deleted images are now included in the touch screen. The name Leica Q2 is stamped along the hotshoe’s foot instead of on the left. More importantly, the switch on / off button simply turns off and on the device, not the continuous shooting mode. Surely, you used Leica on Q and lower lines to be inconvenient with this when being mistakenly mistaken for C mode (continuous shooting).

A few small details on the back, including the brand name, are placed on top, not on the screen border. The adjustment knob for the viewfinder is now set independently from the viewfinder and easier to operate. Another change is that the viewfinder now does not use an LCD screen but switches to OLED at the same resolution as Leica Q.

Leica still has Leica Summilux 28mm f / 1.7 lens for Leica Q2, giving condolences to those who expect Q2 to have a narrower lens. This lens is no different from the Leica Q, including a macro mode at a distance of 17cm that you can adjust right on the lens.


The Leica Q2 configuration includes a 47.3MP full-frame sensor, which is twice as large as the 24MP on Leica. Q. In Q2, Leica also officially entered the race for a large resolution sensor like many DSLRs, mirrorless . In addition, the large resolution also helps Q2 to add a new crop rate at 75mm. Previously on Leica Q, the machine allows you to choose a 35mm or 50mm crop ratio with reduced resolution. This is also the solution to shoot at narrow focal lengths on a machine with a 28mm focal length tube and fixed as Q2. The new sensor still comes with Maestro II image processor like other Leica machines. Movie recording capability is upgraded from Full-HD on Q to 4k 30fps on Q2.

The battery is also an upgrade in Q2, the device uses BP-SCL4 battery with a capacity of 1860mAh like the Leica SL. The previous Leica Q is only equipped with a 1200mAh battery. In addition, water and dust resistance is a new feature of Q2, according to IP52 standard. IP52 standard allows the machine to resist dust and water droplets that fall into the machine in a small amount, I don’t think you can shoot with Q2 under heavy rain, don’t try.

Specifications Leica Q2:

  • 35mm CMOS sensor with 47.3MP resolution
  • Maestro processor II
  • Fixed lens Summilux 28mm f / 1.7 ASPH
  • 30cm focusing distance to infinity, macro mode at 17cm
  • Shutter type: mechanical, electronic or hybrid
  • Shutter speed: from 60s to 1 / 2000s
  • Continuous shooting: 10fps
  • 3.68MP OLED viewfinder
  • 3 “LCD touch screen
  • Focus electronic zoom 35mm, 50mm and 75mm
  • Aperture: f / 1.7 to f / 16
  • ISO range: 50 to 50000
  • Image format: DNG, DNG + JPEG, JPEG
  • Movie 4k 30fps .MP4
  • Microphone: stereo
  • Speaker: mono
  • SD memory card
  • 1860mAh Li-ion battery