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HotTech Review by Jayden Tran: iOS 13 will be the biggest upgrade for the iPad

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Meanwhile, it seems that the iPhone interface has not changed much, in addition to upgrading some of the available applications and tweaking performance.

Nearly 1 month later, iOS 13 has just been released, but recent leaked information has partly outlined the “face” of Apple’s next version of mobile operating system. It is worth mentioning, tablet users will be the biggest beneficiaries because iOS 13 brings many new features to the iPad, while only improving the applications available on the iPhone.

According to information from Bloomberg, Apple mainly focuses on improving device performance instead of creating new features in the next version of iOS operating system. Most notably, both the iPhone and iPad will own the dark screen interface (Dark Mode) which was available on Mac late last year. iOS 13 brings significant changes to the iPad It seems that the Apple development team will focus on bringing new features on the iPad. Bloomberg revealed,

iOS 13 will improve multitasking capabilities on the device, including opening an application on multiple windows, for example displaying two text documents side by side.

The iPad screen interface will also be redesigned. By the evaluation of many people, the current version is not really optimal display space.


The leaked information also revealed iOS 13 that will allow the iPad to function as an external screen on a Mac. In fact, third-party products like Luna Display did the same thing.


To encourage iPhone, iPad users to read books, the Books app will integrate a reward system to motivate anyone to spend time on word pages.


Previously, experts believed iOS supported iPad for iPad, but unfortunately, the Bloomberg report did not mention this detail. Applications Files are also not mentioned, although people expect certain improvements.

Changes on iOS 13 for iPhone

iOS 13 will “refresh” all applications, including Health, Reminders and Screen Time with many valuable upgrades.

The source from Bloomberg confirmed, the Health app will be “refurbished”, with a redesigned screen to display more effectively. The software is capable of monitoring background noise, even recognizing when the headphones play too loudly, to provide a suitable warning to protect the user’s ears.

The Reminders interface is broken down into 4 sections, including the work area done during the day, all work, scheduled tasks and flagged tasks.


Screen Time Time Manager will allow parents to control their children’s contact. They can block someone’s phone number at specific times of the day.


There is more

Previous leaks said the next version of the iPhone and iPad operating system was codenamed Yukon, focusing on tweaking the built-in apps.


Maps application will allow users to add any location to the favorites list. And yet, Bloomberg cited recent news that Apple is consolidating the “Find my Friends” feature with “Find my iPhone” into an app codenamed “GreenTouch”.


Users can set avatar and display name on iMesssage, and can choose who can see them. The Mail application allows you to block messages from the contacts section, mute the conversation strings, or simplify the directory management system. Sleep Mode (Sleep Mode) is more likely to be available on iOS 13 to allow connection to devices to monitor sleep.


Expected, iOS 13 launched on June 3 at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) of Apple. The company will also introduce new operating system versions watchOS 6 and macOS 10.15.