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How To Became A Better Photographer ?

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There is only about 1 month left until Tet comes, everyone wants to have beautiful Tet photos to record memories or simply “live virtual” on Facebook. In this article, you will notice some important factors for capturing the best images with your smartphone.

Today mechanical cameras are very popular, but if you want to get beautiful, sparkling high quality pictures or print calendars, this is a great choice. But the phone is still the most popular camera and in fact, if the device is controlled, the time and angle of shooting will still be satisfactory.

Here are some small notes that you should consult to get many beautiful Tet photos:


  1. Choose the appropriate time and place

The time here is not morning, noon or evening, but an option to arrange a day of the week. The more weekends get closer to Tet, the more crowded your phone will be. Especially places where many people take photos with mechanical machines, they can delete obscure fonts and you don’t, erasing fonts with software is not enough to save.

About the place, you should choose the places with Tet decoration such as cafe shops, commercial centers … or flower market areas and flower villages. If in Ho Chi Minh City, Sa Dec flower village is a place where you should try it once, a bit far but worth it. The right time is about 2 weeks before Tet, this time the flowers have bloomed but not yet transferred to other provinces for consumption.


  1. Choose the right time of the day

No matter how good the phone is, low-light photography is still a nightmare, so choose a daytime time to do the best for yourself. The most appropriate time is in the morning, around 6-9 hours (with beautiful sunny days), at this time, the light is moderate and the morning light is soft and fresh, suitable for Tet photos. Moreover, in hot cities like Ho Chi Minh, it is still cool at this time, the ability of “so deep” will reach the highest “level”.

By noon, the sun will make eyes squint, the face burns bright … making it very difficult for you to take the angle of shooting, the afternoon to light will have a lot of yellow haunting, it is suitable for the concept of sadness rather than the joy of Tet. At the end of the day is also a time of fatigue, hard to laugh. 3. Layout and background Not only is it taken with a smartphone, but no matter what kind of device it is, this is an important factor. In photography there are many types of layouts like 1/3, spiral … but if you don’t understand much about photography, the middle layout is still the easiest, easiest to use. When shooting, you just need to place the person in the center of the frame. You should also balance the subject (person) and the surrounding scenery for harmony, limiting sticking people, objects or junk that will make the picture worse.

The background is also very important in photography, especially with smartphones, the ability to remove fonts is very limited. From now to Tet hot locations will be very crowded, when shooting you need to do so that the less background the more people stick. 4. Should be taken vertical or horizontal This is quite an important factor but less attention. Vertical or horizontal shooting of photos greatly affects the content and subject of the image. So in which case should be taken along, in which case should be taken horizontally: – Vertical shooting: When shooting subjects are 1 or 2 people, want the subject to stand out for the majority of the frame area, or when shooting with high architectural works at this time, you can shoot along.

– Horizontal shooting: When you need to take a lot of scenery around like shooting in flower fields, in places where the space is open and few people, horizontal shooting will give you beautiful pictures. Capturing a group of people is natural, shooting horizontally for a harmonious composition, balanced.


  1. Select the light direction

Composition – light is the two most important elements of a photo. So choosing the bright direction is a factor that needs to be considered first. Each direction of light brings a different picture, here are 3 main directions of light:


– With favorable light: As a direct light on the face of the person being photographed, this light helps to show all the details on the face, bright colors, the light is easiest to capture, but as the initial note , should be taken in the morning to warm the gentle light. Direct light sunny lunch shooting will squint, burn bright or too harsh to make the image worse.


– With angled light: This is the light that is projected on the two sides of the photographer (left or right), with this light we can perform the capture of more depth images, however light This will make the face shadow, the photographer needs to be creative to get beautiful pictures.

– With back light: The light behind the subject and shining straight into the camera, this is the least used light because it is difficult to use, if you want the subject to be bright enough, the back is completely lost and vice versa , seeing the back, the subject is dark. However, if you take advantage of this light, it will give photos with beautiful flare effect, but done by phone, there are many limitations.


  1. Use photo editing applications

Shooting with professional camera also Photoshop, skin lightening and pulling hand fatigue to get a beautiful photo. Although the camera software on the phone has somewhat beautified the picture, you should still edit it to get the most sparkling photos.


Currently there are many famous photo editing applications for you to choose such as VSCO, Camera360, PhotoWonder, Snapseed, PicsArt, more professional can choose Photoshop or Lightroom Mobile, you can find a suitable photo editing application fit with your needs and create a photo like Tet.