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iOS13: listen to two headphones at the same time, Dolby Atmos sound and more Jayden Tran

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iOS13 has just launched yesterday bringing some interesting changes in music and entertainment. Specifically, these changes came from Apple Music , playing music simultaneously with two Bluetooth headsets, supporting Dolby Atmos and many other minor changes. 

1 / Apple Music In general, we don’t have much change in interface, but thanks to Dark Mode, we have a new experience than before. Dark Mode helps cover albums to stand out with more colors, which stimulates users to click on albums that contain prominent covers.
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The second interesting thing is how Apple Music displays the lyrics. Previously to see lyric in front of the string we have to swipe up to display, now Apple makes a small icon in the lower left corner. Clicking on this lyric will run at the same time as the song’s melody. When the melody is at that level, the Lyric part will be released very accurately, this ensures that even if you pull the lyrics back and forth, you will not be missed. In fact, I find that some parties have been doing it for a long time, not only Apple did it again and made it smarter. Ae, if you don’t like to watch in a new way, of course you can still view it in the traditional way.

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Looking over at the bottom right corner we have a list style icon. Click here to see the list of songs that will be played next. Of course you can easily change the play order by drag and drop. Here again see the 3 dots icon in the top right corner. Click here we will have more interesting things like: view album information, download songs to listen offline, add playlist or share, … New sharing interface of iOS is more intuitive and clear compared to before. Ae can share quickly to people who communicate via iMess or through commonly used applications.

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A special thing is that Apple also integrates Siri Shortcut here. As a follower, Apple has made the Shortcut more robust, integrating deeply into not only the system’s applications, but also third-party applications. You can make simple shortcuts like every morning getting up. When you turn off the alarm, Apple Music will automatically play your favorite playlists very easily and interesting. 

2 / Bluetooth Wireless Splitter

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This is a rumored feature since before WWDC took place and it was officially equipped by Apple on iOS13 yesterday. With this feature, you can now connect and play music to 2 bluetooth devices at the same time. The theory is that however, the actual experience is another story.

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The problem is that I can only connect and play music at the same time with two AirPods headphones at the same time. When I try to connect at the same time with AirPods with Galaxy Buds or other bluetooth speakers are not possible. Maybe This is just a beta, so I have this problem. Hopefully in the upcoming versions we will be able to connect 2 different devices at the same time. 

It can be said with this feature, if you only need to buy one AirPods before, you can divide each listener by one ear and now you have to buy 2 if you want to share music with your lover : D

3 / Support Dolby Atmos
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A month ago I introduced Netflix to improve sound qualityup to bring out the audio experience when watching movies. Apple is very fast in iOS13 version that also supports the audio standard and this can be said to be something that movie enthusiasts can’t be more excited about. So now you can enjoy the excellent Dolby Atmos surround sound quality on your iPhone, iPad. 
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4 / Listen and reply to messages with Siri
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This is a very convenient feature and enhances the value of AirPods after Hey Siri. With this upgrade, if you are busy doing something you can’t see the message, Siri will be responsible for reading the message. Ae if you want to be able to reply back by telling Siri. But the actual experience, Siri has not read Vietnamese, hope we will soon experience this feature in the near future.