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Jaydan Tran Is An iFan But Why Do I Use Samsung’s Wireless Charger?

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I feel so lucky because I didn’t wait for AirPower to choose Samsung’s solution for a long time, despite being an iPhone user.

In August 2018, in parallel with Galaxy Note9, Samsung launched the Wireless Charger Duo wireless charging dock. However, if the attention to how big Note9 is, then this charger is small. After all, the Wireless Charger Duo is just a wireless charging dock – and didn’t we already have a billion wireless charging cores in the market?

But if you “equate” the Wireless Charger Duo with “ty billion wireless charging cores” out there – you’re wrong. As someone who has used a lot of different wireless charging cores, I have to confirm that Wireless Charger Duo is one of the few wireless charging dock on the market today that can meet the needs of users – No matter how strict.


Wireless Charger Duo can charge two devices at the same time

Just like the “Duo” name, Samsung’s Wireless Charger Duo can charge two devices at the same time. You can charge two phones, a phone and a smartwatch (Samsung’s smartwatch only, no Apple Watch support) or any other Qi standard accessory.

As the number of devices that support wireless charging is increasing, owning a charging dock that supports multiple devices at the same time as the Wireless Charger Duo is extremely useful and neat compared to having to buy multiple charging cores.


Wireless Charger Duo allows users to put the device in the right place

Besides being able to charge two devices at the same time, the design of the Wireless Charger Duo also allows users to place the device in the direction they want.

Assuming the charging dock is placed on the desk, you will want to place the phone vertically so that you can see the notification on the screen without having to turn over your neck. If the charging dock is placed at the top of the bed, you will want to put the phone horizontally to avoid light from the phone screen, which is dazzling when you are sleeping.

On the market today there are many wireless chargers with a charger (pad) and stand design, but none of the products offer the same flexibility as the Wireless Charger Duo.


Wireless Charger Duo has a fan to cool the device

As we all know, when charging (whether wired or wireless), the heat will radiate and cause the machine to heat up. Heat is also the number one enemy of batteries: if the battery has to operate at too high temperatures, it will bottle faster than the ideal environment.

Due to the way the wireless charger works, the back of the phone (which also holds the battery) will have to be in direct contact with the charging dock surface. This makes the heat impossible to escape, thereby causing the machine to become hot and increase the capacity of the battery bottle.


However, Samsung has overcome (somewhat) this problem when equipping a Wireless Charger Duo with a fan in the charging stand. This fan will help disperse heat, help reduce heat and prolong battery life.


Wireless Charger Duo uses USB-C port, comes with a large capacity charger and cable.

There are a lot of low-cost wireless chargers on the market today, but they usually don’t come with recharges and cables. Therefore, users will spend an additional cost to purchase this accessory. If the choice of charging tubers and charging cable is not correct, it may operate unstable with the charging dock and give the charging speed unintended.

With Wireless Charger Duo, users don’t have to worry much about this problem because its built-in box and charger cable are available. A special feature is that the built-in charging bulb has a large capacity of up to 24W, while the charger cable is also a new USB-C standard, not the old Micro USB standard as some cheap products.


Most importantly: it exists and you can buy it

With the recently announced AirPower’s death, I was even more fortunate not to wait for Apple’s charging dock to choose Samsung’s product – despite being an iPhone user. Wireless Charger Duo is a real product that you absolutely can own right now.

Naturally, comparing AirPower and Wireless Charger Duo is somewhat lame. AirPower is such a complex, technically complex product that Apple can’t even do it, you know enough. Meanwhile, Wireless Charger Duo does not have anything that is too technologically outstanding.

However, from a user perspective, the only thing they care about is the performance of a product and whether it is worth the money. And in terms of use value, Samsung’s Wireless Charger Duo is clearly superior to AirPower. Although not as advanced, but Wireless Charger Duo can charge many devices at the same time as AirPower, while the price is cheaper, gives users more convenience (fan, charging position) and works with multiple devices. more device form.


Therefore, despite being an iPhone user, I came to Samsung charging dock without waiting for AirPower. And now when AirPower has officially been killed, I feel lucky because I made the right decision early.