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LG started selling OLED 8k TVs from this week, costing nearly 800 million VND

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LG will start selling their 8k resolution OLED TV in Korea starting this week, calling the 88Z9 the first 8k OLED TV in the world. In addition to LG, Sony also has an 8-inch OLED TV and Samsung is a QLED 8k. A difficulty beyond the cost that buyers face is the lack of 8k standard content at the beginning of the sale. 88Z9 is an 8k OLED TV with size 88 “, its exact resolution is 7680 x 4320 pixels, 4 times 4K or 16 times Full-HD. LG equipped it with 8K Alpha 9 processor chip, one of the main tasks of this chip is upscale content to 8k to watch on TV.

LG says they use deep learning algorithms to upscale images to a higher resolution. In addition, deep learning is also used to recreate 5.1 surround sound effects with the help of Dolby Atmos. LG 88Z9 will start selling this week in Korea for about $ 34,000 (nearly 800 million). North America and Europe will be sold in the third quarter, where Vietnam will also sell this TV.