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New Apple Maps: favorite places, look around like Street View, enhance security

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The new Apple Maps application will be available in the US later this year, while other markets must wait until next year. However, new changes on the Apple Maps will probably make users “look and sit”. Take a look at the list of new outstanding features below: Favorites : Have more favorites right below the search: You can create a collection of your favorite places and share that list for friend. LookAround : look around. This feature is quite similar to Street View

but Google is smoother, much clearer. You can move in space – “bet you’ve never seen anything like that before”. And obviously, being able to see the surroundings is always a good thing to help you determine exactly where you want to go or even feel a little faster to see if you should go on. go there or not. Sometimes it is still possible to search for location images, but it will not be convenient by integrating a feature like this into the map application.

Private and secure:

Privacy and security – there are a lot of privacy features on iOS 13. You can choose to share only one location at a time for an application. If you still let the application continue to use your location, iOS will let you alert Background tracking alerts. Even other applications will not be able to take advantage of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to deduce your position because Apple “will close that abuse door”. In addition, there are a number of features such as Junction View – real images at intersections, Real-time transit – Real-time traffic situations, Siri guidance – instructions from Siri, Share ETA – expected date and time Where, Flight status – flight status.