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OMG iPhone XI? Is This A New iPhone Design With A 3-Camera Square Cluster?

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In the past two weeks, some information that the iPhone XI version (11) will have a 3 camera design placed in a square cluster, now the blueprint that supposedly of the iPhone XI has contributed to strengthening this. .

The image was taken on the inside of iPhone case XI (11)


According to this batch image, it seems that the iPhone XI will have the following camera cluster like previous renderings, but with a larger size. There will be a cluster of 3 rear cameras, sensors and flash, iPhone XI also shows that the device will support wireless charging.

Figure rendered iPhone XI (11) with a cluster of 3 square cameras


Design drawing image is taken from the HP screen


But the fact is that we still cannot be sure whether this is an official design or a test version, but many believe that the new iPhone XI (11) will have the same design as the exposed images this. How do you feel if this is really the iPhone XI (11)? I see the square camera cluster quite similar to the camera group of Huawei Mate 20 phone company but different position.


Source: techradar