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Tips and Tricks with Travel Photography: how to prepare, what to shoot and how to shoot?

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On this holiday, you must have a chance to take more photos, from family gatherings, life around, especially with those traveling here. I wrote this article I want to share with you some of my experiences from the long photo tours, suitable for the need to take photos of popular travel with phones or travel cameras, you have Any good experience or photo, share the end of the post to discuss.

Prepare photographic equipment and related items

“The best camera is the camera you own,” or any phone with the photographic function you have.

In addition, if possible, you should prepare some of the following items to support taking photos at more difficult environmental conditions, to get better photos. : camera tripod (or selfie stick), flash, filtter (filter glass), soft cord, is the camera cleaner, a memory card for backup, is a backup battery.

In addition, preparing a good pair of shoes for comfortable movement is essential, if you have to go continuously. Don’t forget to bring “quality” suits to produce avatars for yourself.


What to take when traveling

Temporarily divide by many purposes that you choose each time you travel in each place:

  • Capture the landscape, life, or local culture of your destination. In this shooting purpose, you should first understand information about the place and knowledge of the culture of that place. Knowing the characteristics of your audience will help you see more things to capture.

  • Take souvenir photos with scenery, beautiful scenery. This is the choice of most when traveling, and there is no need to prepare much, just a phone or camera and a comfortable body state as possible.

  • The lens must be clean: most phones are put in pockets that are easy to get dirty, and their sizes are small so they are often neglected to make the image blurry or unclear, make sure that your lens is clean before taking a picture.

  • Apply 1/3 rule and straight horizon: this is a safe option for your photo, the image will look more neat and clear. Placing an object in the middle, or a third of the frame, makes the object stand out from others in the frame.

  • Should take bright shots: to make sure that your model, or subject, is always visible. If you know more about lighting, try shooting an object in different directions and finding the best photo.
  • Hold the phone firmly when shooting: the phone is very light, easy to cause hand shake to vibrate, if you do not have a tripod or fixer, always keep in mind that your hands are tight and secure The photo has been saved before moving your hand. Moreover, every time you press the shutter button, you will hear a simulated “split” sound from the phone that you captured but in fact the phone is still in the shooting process, be careful.

  • Limit the use of zoom, but instead come close: when zooming, you may be using the camera’s focal effect, but the fake is to pay that your image will be broken, losing much detail due to the substance The amount of photos on a universal phone is generally not high, so choose a safe solution. If your phone has a 2x camera, use it!

  • Use HDR: for landscape photos and take paronama photos to get the whole picture. Should take photos right or slightly bright, limit the lightening to make the image darker.
  • Make sure you choose the focus point: today, smart phones equipped with autofocus algorithms are very good, but sometimes still choose the wrong object you want to capture, so make sure you have focus in the right place by touching the screen to focus.

  • Should choose a clean background: a clean and simple background or context will highlight your subject.

  • Selfie photography is definitely the most popular choice, so to get a good selfie you should pay attention to the following: Shooting with bright light, let the light shine on your face to make sure you always shine, moreover you will get a more beautiful and bright background and background. Take lots of different angles to discover your hidden beauty Turn on the phone’s beauty features if available and try applying the available color effects. Keep smiling and comfortable so that the face state looks as natural as possible. Some photo editing applications, color emulators are available on phones that you use often like: VSCO, Snaapseed, Photoshop & Lightroom, Instagram ..

Wish you all have a good time to go out, I will be on the road right away!