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Take Photos With Jayden And Reviews Vivo V15: Many Features, Good Quality In Price Range

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The Vivo V15 is Vivo’s new mid-range phone for about 7 million VND. The design of the V15 is somewhat fancy with the front camera up and down for selfie or the 3 rear camera clusters, along with the features that are often available on flagships now available in this V15. I will introduce those photography features to you and evaluate the quality of photos taken by V15 with asthma.


The first noticeable thing when looking at the V15 is the 3 rear camera and the front camera has the ability to climb up to take a selfie, making me feel V15 is invested in the ability to take photos even in the segment. Mid-range, and when opening the capture interface, it is exactly as expected. A capture interface contains a lot of photography features available on current flagships:

  • AI supports portraits, AI determines the scene when shooting.
  • Capture 48MP high resolution images.
  • Clear mode for capturing aperture font.
  • Super wide angle shooting and 2X-> 10X zoom capability.
  • Portrait mode with light filters in the studio
  • AI Beauty and detailed editing modes for portraits. This feature I find seems to be the highlight on this V15, because there is a separate mode with the ability to edit both the body and face when taking portraits in the rear camera and cam selfie.
  • Camera Selfie supports studio lighting effects and photo editing beauty.


I have a backlit contrast, drag EV up a bit and do not turn on HDR. The autofocus is fast, but slow while displaying exposure while I increase and decrease EV, making it take me a little time.

I chose to shoot this red flower because in some machines, red is the color that will be most easily scratched if the machine does not handle well. It can be seen that the image is quite good, some details in the shadow area are lost, but it doesn’t matter.

Vivo V15 focus, metering and white balance are quite good, very few out-of-focus situations occur when shooting with relatively static images like this.


The basic metering machine is quite accurate, in some specific situations like the image above I have to use HDR to get details in the dark and cloudy areas so that the image looks more comfortable. Photos taken with normal HDR will take time to process more.


The image of V15 gives a rich color feel, in some situations the machine will automatically process more colors if you turn on AI, then the image will be colored with a higher contrast. I like the neutral style so I turn off the AI ​​when shooting, so if there is editing then adjust it with the following app.

The shooting speed of the device is quite fast, some situations where I press continuous shooting to catch the moment, the processing machine can not keep up, so it takes a little hanging: D. It is not a problem to take leisurely shots.

Some situations need to press 2x zoom, then I see the time to switch frames quickly so I miss the opportunity like this. You can also electronically zoom up to 10X to capture, but the image quality will get worse.

This photo I took about 12pm, this time I have to turn on HDR to get details in the dark and the cloud. The image is processed quite smoothly, but it feels a bit greenish.


Take a small cave, try metering and shooting. I intentionally did not leave HDR, reduced EV slightly to get the other leaf area.

Comment on Camera Vivo V15.

  • Many editing features to capture Selfie, help you enjoy self-portraits yourself have many options for beauty and virtual life.
  • Having super-wide angles on a mid-range phone is a great advantage for taking photos, although the quality is not really good.
  • V15 images give details and sharpness quite well, HDR works effectively.
  • The processing machine after shooting is not fast and sometimes has trouble hanging up when shooting continuously.
  • The ability to measure and display when adjusting the EV bar is not fast.
  • The front camera appears quite cool.