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Travel To Visit Beautiful Landscapes by Fujifilm X-T30 At Do Luong, Thanh Chuong, Nghe An

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This is a series of photos during a 2-day trip with you in Do Luong & Thanh Chuong, Nghe An just recently. Flying from Saigon to Vinh Chuyen early, making an appointment to take a car to Do Luong, about 60 km from Vinh. Around there, we stopped at the biggest market of Nghe An cattle and buffaloes in Do Luong, Thanh Chuong tea hill, Bao Nham stone church, Tru Son pottery village … enjoying the country food and getting acquainted with the exchanges. Many interesting stories of locals.

This trip, I just brought clothes, medicine, and a very small Fuji X-T30 camera & only Kit 18-55mm f / 28-4 only. In fact, holding this set is not much harder than a phone that I still have a habit. Capturing capability has already been reviewed by many reviewers, it is comfortable to shoot, zooming enough for a travel with little concern for the image. Enjoy, enjoy the trip as the main. These photos are showing off to you, because I think this is a place and there are many interesting things that you like to explore or take pictures that can be referenced.


Photos of me to Standard / Provia, when post-production, I created a slightly cold, old Preset that was suitable for the feeling of shooting. And, I run Preset for the whole image, then resize it to upload it.

Session of Buffalo Market Thanks to the local people, the group knows Dai Son (Do Luong and Nghe An districts) with the U market – the largest cattle and buffalo in the country. Every 3 sessions, the market gathered thousands of cows and buffaloes from all over the province, turning the poor village of Dai Son into a bustle. Many people here also rely on cattle markets and have more livelihoods. Unfortunately, because we didn’t know, 7:00 am, we were late, it was late, the biggest market was at 3 am

Tru Son Pottery Village

After the cattle market was finished, we walked around the village close by, the village of Tru Son Pottery. Walking all the sessions is about ten kilometers. While walking and visiting along the road, taking a picture of life activities, asking about the exchange and learning is very good. At the end of the afternoon, stop at a holiday home for lunch. Happy people. Sitting listening to the brothers and sisters talking about the pot of fish stock, cooking often found in the kitchen of the central provinces, now also appears in the restaurant “rice nieu”, many people know that it is the product of the village. Truly.

Thanh Chuong tea hill

After leaving the pottery village, we headed towards Nam Dan toward the west of Nghe An, famous for its hot and harsh climate. Thanh Chuong. Come here, you will have to shout for surprise and delight in the beautiful nature, covering the space is a vibrant green, green, blue and green … Peaceful and romantic make us relax. Vehicles to visit the tea islands are boats or motorboats. A boat carrying up to four guests with a full life buoy has a price of 100,000-150,000 VND in one session. I took a boat and stopped climbing a few hills. Imagine which brothers fly Drones will probably have beautiful shots!

Church of Bao Nham stone

Back to Do Luong, visit Bao Nham parish, which is a parish church founded in 1887, Bao Nham is one of the earliest parishes of Dang Ngoai. There are two beautiful architectural buildings: Lèn stone Lady of Lourdes (1938) and stone church.

I ended the 2 days out in this area.

Slightly folded, many other places have not gone, so I think I have the opportunity to spend a lot of time and go slowly in each place, not passing like before. You learn the cattle market calendar, because every month there are only a few market days, and trying to be there from 4 am, there must be many good scenes. Today at Do Luong, running all over the place looking for a boarding house, it was very difficult, so I had to find the information in advance to calculate the time for the appropriate night off. Those are the things you share for those who like to go there.


What about the camera?

Travel as light as possible. Enjoy more than worry about a lot of machines. If you are not satisfied or have a higher image quality than the phone you already have, then a camera and a suitable, compact, well-recorded lens, good enough to travel and capture a lot: D I see Fuji X-T30 is one of the options.

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