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Unboxing Hands-on Samsung Galaxy S10+ box + genuine 8GB / 128GB White RAM: Pre-screen Paste, Exynos Use

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Samsung Galaxy S10+ with S10 has been officially ordered in Vietnam and will be delivered and sold from March 8. In particular, the S10 + is sold in 3 versions: RAM 8GB / 128GB for 23.000.000 VND, RAM 8GB / 512GB for 29.000.000 VND, RAM 12GB / 1TB for 34.000.000 VND. Hot Tech Gadget News also had the song on S10 + with S10 before, in this article, invite you to watch the official S10 + commercial version sold in Vietnam to see if there is any difference, what accessories are attached and whether the chip Is it the Exynos for the Vietnamese market?


Still the familiar black box. And this is a genuine commercial version so we will find the Samsung stamp on the box. The version I opened is a white version of Prism RAM 8GB / 128GB. A bit interesting is that the plus sign is placed on the top of 0 because the letter S10 is too big. In the past, although shorter, but in essence is the beautiful little S9, so “+” is placed next to normal. As for S10, I think Samsung also followed the screen overflow message, so the S10 is full of the front

In addition, Samsung often shows the color of the device right next to the box body with a small horizontal line with the name of the color version. But this time no. Because I didn’t have other color versions in my hand, I couldn’t be sure. However, I can see that the color is represented by the letter S10 +. For example, this white version is white. (in front of the word, there is a typical Samsung color). In the box, we will have a set of accessories including: inner case (plastic but more hardware, not soft), tuber charger, cable, headset, usb connector are all white, stick sticks sim.

The version I opened the box is crystal white. This white is not as pure white as the white Note9 I used to be on my hands, I will see it directly. Shooting forever does not turn out completely white (except when adjusting carefully) because basically the back surface shines with the light and the viewing angle. True white style “crystal”, when you look at the crystal see the color effects glistening brightly (not obvious which color is), this is also the case of S10 + white back.

When entering the shade, the light is not too bright, the back is white and blue, not pure white. In short, note that for you to choose this color, it is a striking white, not a gentle, pure white


One interesting point is that this S10 + has been screened first. Is the screen paste, not the seal toss off. I think maybe because of the design of the Infinity-O screen with a bit of a hole and the S10 + ultrasound fingerprint sensor that Samsung has already fixed (then, I have itchy hands to see the original screen, and read the information is Samsung paste 250.000 VND / 1 piece

This is the first time holding S10 +. I don’t know why I’m accustomed to mistakenly calling Note9. The device is not like Note9 but the style is moderate and the hardware (especially compared to the old S9 +) has similarities. I do not expect much, so when I am surprised, the machine is good, the idea is not changed but it is more beautiful and important is compact. (I forced the mouth in the video to be a small star?). I really like S10 + more than the old duo.

Experience the S10 + Infinity-O screen is also really impressive, I will share more in the review. Basically, the screen is not too curved, the mole is not uncomfortable (more comfortable than real rabbit ears) and the screen is beautiful, the border is thin so the experience feels like it. Basically so first.

About the chip, checked and confirmed to you that we are still Exynos 9820 – still Exynos, not Snapdragon. There are official machines, Hot Tech Gadget News will have a lot of tests for you. What do you want to do or learn with S10 +, please comment. Thank you, brother.