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Unboxing Hands-on Xiaomi Mi 9: Amazing Smartphone, Strong Configuration, Attractive Price

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When mentioning Xiaomi, people often think of cheap machines but perhaps not enough, to recognize that Xiaomi’s machines are getting better and better. Like this Mi 9, the first thing you feel when holding is a sturdy, sturdy and smooth machine. Although it is a flagship, its price is only a little over 12 million.

Mi 9 carrying case is made from soft paper with silver emulsion color with the number 9 outside for the name of the machine.

In the box are all very basic accessories including charging, cable, USB-C output to 3.5mm, because this device has removed the audio port. This charger is pretty, the legs are flat, the capacity is high. In addition to fast charging, Mi 9 also has fast wireless charging technology with a capacity of up to 20W while most are only 10-15W.


Xiaomi thoughtfully presented with transparent flexible tiles. This color is less likely to turn into a pearly color like the bright transparent backs.


When attaching the back cover, the color tone on the back will be slightly black, if not attached, it will turn gray when in strong light.


Cladding also makes the screen border a little bit thicker.


Mi 9 is equipped with a 6 “4 Super AMOLED panel with a drop of water, no rabbit ears. Water drop is for the front camera position, Mi 9 also has face scanning but Xiaomi recommends security on Mi 9’s face Safe as fingerprint, the machine has a fingerprint sensor placed under the screen.

The right side has a hard button for the virtual assistant. This Mi 9 runs Chinese ROM, so when it presses, it appears that virtual assistant Xiaomi AI is all Chinese, it cannot be used. In the international version, it is a button to call the Google Assistant assistant. I have not seen where to customize the function of this button, do not know if Xiaomi allows us to do it or not.


The back is very beautiful and the ball is seven. Xiaomi bends the dorsal side to the left and right quite a lot, giving a more embracing feel rather than slightly curved sides and flat in the middle. This color is piano black so it is very shiny, it is not quite black but slightly gray.

Vertical 3-camera cluster. Including the 48MP main camera IMX586 sensor from Sony, normal shooting is only 12MP, only when you need to turn on 48MP mode (in normal and Pro shooting). The second camera is a narrow-angle telephoto with a resolution of 12MP, the last camera is a super-wide angle that is a trend with a resolution of 16MP. At ultra wide angle, it is impossible to capture 48MP.

Adding a super-wide focal length will give us a fairly new experience on mobile. The ultra-wide focal lengths on the Mi 9 or S10 are about 24mm on a full-frame machine, which is suitable for shooting landscapes or in small spaces that want to get a lot of things into the frame.

Mi 9 is very advanced. Although aluminum frame is not seamless, but the contiguous roads are carefully made by Xiaomi, so it is very smooth, no ripple when holding. Some high-end machines may not have done as well as on Mi 9.

Fingerprint sensor under Mi 9’s screen works well, receives quite quickly and accurately with dry hand condition. Mi 9 also has a screen that is always on, it has more features than AOD on Samsung phones with a colorful watch face and many options, less boring.