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What Do You Expect From Nikon D6?

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Nikon D6 has been mentioned a lot in the past. Recently, a facebook account with a nickname Nikon D6 has just released some information that the features will be included in the design of the Nikon D6 flagship camera in the coming time: 24 MP sensor; 4K60p video recording and especially anti-camera body; Time for manual exposure shooting from 1 / 8000s to 120s.

All information about the Nikon D6 rumored camera is very little and this makes Nikonian more eager to look forward. What can they expect from the top Nikon D6 camera?


Provide power to the ethernet port

This is essential for a professional camera. Under conditions, circumstances and environments when it is not possible to directly record movies continuously on a machine that requires a distance, this feature is essential. Only one rope is needed instead of three for: power, image transmission and shooting.


OLED screen

The OLED display is a well-known luminescent screen technology and is more appreciated than traditional LCD, which provides more real black and greater contrast on the screen. Nikon should change the LCD screen (also displays the settings) to OLED. This will allow users to customize and change according to their specific needs: display exposure details, recording time, charts, waveforms, sound levels …

Flip screen – rotate tilt

This is also an essential feature of the flag ship Nikon D6 camera. If the screen is tilted, flip, users can operate at many different shooting angles thanks to live view mode


Tally / Recording indicator light

Nikon should design the body-mounted Tally / Recording indicator on / off function to make it easier for users to stand in front of the camera.


SnapBridge software and WiFi note connection

Today, the use of snapshots is essential, so Nikon D6 should have SnapBridge software as well as Wi-Fi connectivity so that users can transmit images right away through other smart devices for processing.


Better user experience

Nikon should make a touch menu similar to the Nikon D850 and add a search box for the settings. Expand the ability to assign functions to all buttons instead of just a few.


Network Device Interface (NDI)

NDI is the latest in broadcast technology, allowing live streaming to be great. Nikon should incorporate this technology into a Nikon D6 camera to become the first camera to be broadcast live on the market.


That’s what users need on the Nikon D6 “dream camera” for professional photographers. What do you think? What features do you need to add to this highly anticipated Nikon D6 camera?


Reference: Nikonrumors