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Information Technology (IT) is now the life of the globe. No one denying the role of technological development to bring innovation and advancement in our lives. we need to take this opportunity to polish the minds of our youth according to the growing trends and innovation in the technology sector. It will enhance their mental skills to make them capable of using and innovating technology.

Education and Information Technology

Today we have so many options to learn new skills and enhance our knowledge for new technological concepts. Free online tools are available for both students and professional.

Aim of the education system should be to make learning exciting yet informative. Games are one way to make learning interesting for youth. More IT (information technology) related games should be designed, which should not only be exciting but also enhance youngsters’ knowledge related to IT. IT games should be made familiar to study and practice sets. These informative applications include most of the elementary education, needed to be able to work competently with the computer and studied in information technology and computer science classes.

Learning Options

There are many options for learning even through interactive and interesting games. Internet is full of free online opportunities. If you have dedication and enthusiasm to learn and master yourself in the filed of your interest, you are welcome to join.

Variety of IT subjects such as parts of a computer, creating your website, protecting the computer from viruses, software programs, hardware components and networks are created in a fun, collaborative way for exciting learning.

Top 10 recommended Information Technology games

The below computer games are recommended for youth and students who want to get knowledge of information technological concepts.

1)  Computer Parts Puzzle

Where you have to place the parts of computers in the correct place.

2)  8 Bit Computer Case Puzzle –

Where users learn how the first computers looked like. (before 1990)

3)  Mobile Generations –

You have to put the device in the correct mobile generation.

4)  Installing Games –

Find the ten steps to install a game in exact order.

5)  Create a Website –

Pass six necessary steps needed to make your website.

6)  18 Programming Languages –

Sort common programming languages by types.

7)  Browsers Puzzle –

Sort the browsers by their names and logos.

8)  LAN Puzzle –

Learn the arrangement of the local area network.

9)  Antivirus Programs Game –

Protect the computer system from malicious software.

10) Smartphones Match –

A card game to remember and match smartphone types.

Game Over

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