How Long Does a Canon Battery Last? 8 Steps To Make it Better 

If you own a Canon camera, you know that it is important to ensure your battery is in good condition. 

Having an unreliable battery can prevent you from capturing the perfect moment and can spoil your photographic experience. 

Fortunately, there are many ways to improve the longevity of your Canon battery. 

In this article, we will discuss the question: How long does a canon battery last? and then we’ll consider eight steps you can take to make sure your Canon battery lasts as long as possible.

How Long Does a Canon Battery Last

A Canon battery’s longevity is determined by how extensively a person uses it. For instance, a fully charged Canon battery can sustain the camera for approximately three to four hours of continuous photo-taking or around 850 photograph takes. 

So, the battery life of a Canon battery can typically last up to 8 to 10 hours if used occasionally rather than continuously. 

However, if you want to determine a Canon camera’s battery life, you can follow the procedures below. 

Determining the Canon Camera’s Battery Life

  • Evaluate the Watt-Hours of Your Battery

Most professional camera batteries have watt hours printed on the casing. If yours doesn’t, you should be able to discover a number by running a simple online search with your battery’s model and watt-hours.

  • Calculate the power consumption of your camera.

Obtaining the figure may be more difficult. You can check it up online if you need help finding it. Although, the power consumption of most professional cameras is indicated on their product websites.

  • Find Out the battery life of your camera.

After you’ve determined the two statistics mentioned above, just divide your battery’s watt-hour capacity by the wattage your Canon camera requires. 

  •  Calculate For Additional Accessories 

 If you have additional equipment, such as video transmitters or on-camera monitors, you should also determine the wattage drawn by our accessories and factor it into our calculations.

How Can I Make My Canon Battery Last Longer?

Follow the steps shown below to help your canon battery last longer. 

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1. Minimize LCD Use 

You can preserve your LCD panel by following the tips shown below. 

  •  Turn off Live-view and compose your photos with your optical viewfinder instead of your LCD screen. Despite LCDs’ incredible efficiency, when you produce one, a million or more pixels are used and this consumes electricity.
  • You can also reduce the display brightness on your Canon camera to save battery life; however, this may not be effective in bright places. 
  • After taking a picture, you can adjust how long it appears on the LCD screen. Reduce the screen playback time from 8 seconds to 4 or 2 seconds to increase battery life.

2. Do not Delete Your Photos

It would be preferable if you only changed or eliminated undesired photographs after downloading all of the images to your computer. 

Deleting many photographs at once consumes a lot of power; however, there are various ways to remove pictures without draining the battery.

Unless you need to take urgent photos, there is no reason to delete a few photographs from a full digital camera memory card. 

Instead, once the photographs have been imported from your camera, save any editing work you intend to conduct on your computer.

Hence, only delete any images from the folder after you’ve transferred the images from your Canon camera to your PC hard drive and saved them to a DVD or similar external storage device.

3. Try Reducing How Much You Zoom Photos

If the lens motor continuously zooms in and out, the camera battery will quickly drain. Your Canon battery is adversely affected every time you use a physical motor, so take some time to examine the scenario before you do so. 

Picture the optimum vantage point, then use your viewfinder to accurately zoom in. Since motors that move lens elements need batteries, make sure your camera includes a manual zoom option.

If you do this, your battery power consumption may be greatly lowered. However, keep in mind that you risk destroying the autofocus if its lens is not designed to be manually zoomed.

4. Use Manual Focus To Increase Your Canon’s Battery Life

Not all cameras can do this, just a few. The lens elements require some battery life to concentrate, particularly for close objects and dark environments where focus difficulties are common.

If your camera is set to “CONTINUOUS” focus mode, it will constantly change the focus. When the device is in video movie mode, the battery drains faster than when it is in photo mode. You can accomplish both of these goals by changing to manual focus on your camera.

Use human energy instead of Canon batteries to extend the life of your battery, utilizing it will allow you to fine-tune your image composition.

5. Do not Consider Image Stabilization

Many lenses include image stabilization (IS) technology, which allows you to compensate for minor camera movements while shooting to improve the quality of your photos. IS is a feature found on several contemporary cameras.

6. Use Fewer Buttons On Your Dslr 

When using the camera, utilize as few buttons as possible on your DSLR to save energy by returning them to their default settings.

7. Avoid Extreme Temperatures 

Excessive heat and cold can damage batteries. For example, leaving them in your car on a chilly winter day or a hot summer night would drastically diminish their lifespan.

The temperature in the area where you keep batteries should not be higher than 59 degrees Fahrenheit. 

8. Replace Old Batteries 

Since all rechargeable batteries lose power over time, you might consider purchasing a second battery and charging it.

 Check that you aren’t dependent on a slew of old batteries to charge one while the other is in use.

So, you’ll want to replace old batteries at regular intervals to ensure that you can take more images for a longer time.

What Affects The Battery Life of a Camera?

The discharge rate of batteries rises when used in cold weather. It is recommended that batteries be kept warm before use in colder temperatures.

 Warming up batteries after they have been cooled can help them restore some power in rare instances. So, inspect the metal terminals on the camera’s battery and If the terminals appear dirty, clean them with a cotton swab or a dry towel.

The capacity of a battery to hold a whole charge degrades with time. Depending on how long you’ve had the old battery, it could be time to replace it.

Due to factors such as power consumption and air temperature, the average recording duration on an auxiliary battery package will vary when used with a camera.


This article has discussed how long a Canon battery lasts as well as eight steps you can follow to help your canon battery last longer.

 If you follow these steps, your canon battery will certainly last longer for you. If you have any inquiries or questions to ask, please email us or simply share them in the comments section. 


How To Know If A Canon Battery Is Full? 

Insert the Canon Battery Charger LC-E6, along with the Canon Battery Pack LP-E6, into a charging station and wait 20 seconds.
 If the orange lighting blinks once per second during this period, it isn’t fully but if the green lamp lights up, it’s fully charged. 

How Fast Can A Canon Battery Charge?

If charged at room temperature (23°C / 73°F), it’ll take 2 hours to fully recharge a completely depleted battery. 

How Do I Take Care Of My Canon Battery?

Your Canon Battery packs should be stored in a dry place at temperatures no greater than 30°C (86 °F). 
Then, to extend the battery pack’s life, totally discharge it before storing it and at least once a year, thoroughly charge and discharge all of your battery packs. 

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