How to Delete a Message in Google Chat

Do you want to delete a message in Google Chat but don’t know how to? Not to worry, this article will show you the simplest way to do this. 

So, you’d want to read everything as you don’t want to skip any important information. But just before we go into that, let’s talk a bit on Google chat. 

What is Google Chat?

Google Chat is a safe and innovative platform for communication and cooperation that is made for team or group conversations. You can maintain contact, work together, and centrally manage your communication with Google Chat.

As a matter of fact, Google Chat was one of the first instant messaging services that popularized this technology.

 Of course, it was called Google Hangouts back and it allowed and still allows individuals to participate in group chats as well as one-on-one interactions.

Just as with any other application, Google Chat has been updated and given additional features as part of the makeover but It felt like other I.M. platforms had implemented a reasonably simple feature that it was missing long ago. 

We’re referring to the capability of deleting sent texts. Since most people use Google Chat primarily for professional purposes, a misspelling or message that is sent to the wrong person may be unpleasant. 

Thankfully, Google Chat has finally taken the cue and now anyone can easily delete a message or topic from the chat if you decide it is no longer necessary.

The next section shows the steps you can take to delete a message in GoogleChat. 

How to Delete a Message in Google Chat

Follow the simple steps shown below. 

  • Use your most preferred browser to navigate to and login in if necessary to delete a sent message from Google Chat. 
  • It’s up to you whether you wish to go directly to or not. After that, use the left sidebar to navigate to the desired chat.
  • The chat will open on the right side. To continue, click the ‘ellipsis’ button after hovering over the message you want to delete.
  • Finally, select the ‘Delete’ option.
  • Your screen will display an overlay window with a confirmation message. From the overlay window, click the ‘Delete’ button.
  • Other people will be able to see that you have erased a message, even though the message will be permanently gone.
  • The deleted message will no longer be accessible to anybody else. Instead, the message “Message deleted by its author” will appear in its place.

Now that we’ve seen how to delete a message on GoogleChat, we’re going to touch on other important questions you may have like how to edit messages on Google Chat, how to delete and conversation on google chat, and we’re even going to clarify the popular misunderstanding of Google Chat and Google Hangouts.

How to Edit Messages in Google Chat?

Follow these instructions to learn how to edit a message in Google Chat:

Important notice: All users who have a Google Workspace account have access to the Edit option.

1. Open up your installed Google Chat app on your smartphone.

2. To pick a sent message, tap and hold the one you want.

3. Now you can select the chat by tapping it.

4. Next, you’ll need to tap on the Edit option from the popup menu.

5. Edit the message as much as you’d want to, then select Send.

By taking these few steps, you’ll be able t edit any message in Google Chat.

Now, let’s see how you can delete not a message, but a conversation on Google Chat.

How To Delete A Conversation In Google Chat

Follow the steps shown below precisely to delete a conversation in Google Chat.

  • First step; Log into your Gmail or Google Chat account.
  • Second Step: Next to the person’s name on the left, select “More options.”
  • Third Step; Here, select Delete chat.
  • With this, the entire conversation will be deleted.

Just before we round up, we’re going to address a very important question or topic that many Google chat users are always curious about. The question is; What’s the Difference Between Google Chat and Google Hangouts?

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What’s the Difference Between Google Chat and Google Hangouts?

Over time, many people have expressed their confusion about the difference between Google chat and Google Hangouts.

There’s one thing you can be sure of, they’re presently not the same thing.

Google Chat was created as a substitute for Google Hangouts. Therefore, all Google Hangouts users have switched to Google Chat since Google Hangouts is no longer available. 

Users of the messaging apps Google Chat and Google Hangouts can place calls and send messages from anywhere in the world. 

Users of Hangouts can send messages when offline, and charges are deducted in accordance with the tariff plan; however, this is not feasible with Google Chat because it relies on an internet connection to transmit messages and make voice and video conversations.

Google Chat is more advanced and makes it convenient for users to interact with other Google services as compared to Google Hangouts. 

Therefore, the final difference between Google chat and Google Hangouts is that Google Chat functions now in the present while Google Hangouts used to function in the past.


There you have it! This article has shown how to delete a message on Google Chat. You don’t have to feel scared or embarrassed if you send a message on Google chat that you no longer want the receiver to see. All you have to do is simply follow what has been shown in this article and delete it!

Also, you can delete a conversation and even go ahead to edit a message on Google Chat. Furthermore, we hope you took note of the difference between Google Chat and Google Hangouts

All this being said we hope this article was helpful and if you have any questions, you can use the comments section to express yourself or send us an email and you’ll be attended to immediately. 


Where are Google chats saved?

You must enter your Gmail account address and password if you aren’t already logged in. Go to the menu for Inbox. You must scroll down to the “Chats” option. You can access the transcripts of any Gmail chats from that account by selecting the Chats option.

Does Google Chat automatically Delete messages?

In Google Chat, you have the option to save your chat or have it removed after 24 hours when you send a message to a person or group.

Is Google Chat private and secure?

Your content is safely kept in our top-notch data centers when you send messages and attachments in Chat, including images, videos, and audio files. Both in-transit and at-rest data are encrypted.

Does Google Chat keep photos?

All pictures taken during a Hangouts session are instantly saved to your personal online photo gallery. Your Hangouts album’s photos are arranged into sub-albums according to the conversations they were taken during.

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