How To Delete Argos Account [A Step-By-Step Guide]

“I would like to delete Argos account but I am confused about how to go about it” – if you are one of the numerous people asking this question, I am glad to announce to you that the solution you seek is here.

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How To Delete Argos Account – Solved

Interestingly, you have been provided with two options through which you can get rid of this account, and they are:

1. By filling a form

2. By sending an Email.

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Fast & Easy Steps To Delete Argos Account By Filling Form

The steps below serve as a guide on how to delete your account through this means:

Step 1: Go to the following URL “”.

Step 2: Move down, tap the section that reads CLICK SEND, and a drop-down form section will appear.

Step 3: On the option that reads Pick A Reason, select ANYTHING ELSE.

Step 4: On the option that reads Pick a Subject, select LOGIN AND REGISTRATION ON THE WEBSITE.

Step 5: Now Fill Out the form information such as Name, Postcode, Email, and Phone Number.

Step 6: On the Title, Type Delete My Account.

Fast & Easy Steps To Delete Argos Account By Sending An Email

This method has to do with reaching out to the Argos Customer support agent by sending an Email to them.

Take a look at the steps below:

Step 1: Open your email that is registered with this website or application.

Step 2: The subject of the email should be tagged ‘Requesting to Delete My Argos Account’ while the recipient’s email address should be [email protected]

Step 3: In the body of the email, write your reasons for deciding to delete your account from their database.

Step 4: Click send.


The aforementioned steps are all you need to successfully delete your Argos account and if at any point you get confused, please feel free to reach out to us in the comment section.

Good luck!

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