How to Remove Old Videos from Android Phone/Tablet In 2023

Android Phones usually have limited storage spaces and may warrant that you delete old videos and files from time to time to make space for new ones.

 This post shows how to remove old videos from Android phones/tablets. 

Regardless of the reasons for deleting old videos from your Android device, deleting the files may be difficult. This is especially true when eliminating duplicate, old, and unnecessary videos.

 Even videos that you wanted to keep can be deleted and this is because some procedures may not allow for selective deletion. 

Another issue is file reappearance: there are occasions when you erase old videos just to discover that they are still in your phone after some time. This is especially true if you’ve synced your phone with other devices or accounts.  

 Moving past all these challenges that come with removing old videos can be avoided or overcome if you follow the steps in this article. These steps are shown below! 

How to Remove Old Video Files from Android Device

1. Open any Android video Removal app of Your Choice. 

Open the Android video remover that you would like to use on your desktop or laptop and connect your tablet or Android device to the same computer using a USB cord. The connected device will be detected by the Assistant for Android.

2. Turn On USB Debugging on Your Phone.

If you haven’t enabled USB debugging on your phone, the Android data management tool won’t recognize it. Therefore, you must follow the procedures below to enable USB debugging on your phone.

  • Go to “Settings” > “Applications” > “Development” > “USB debugging” for Android 2.3 or older.
  • For Android versions 3.0 through 4.1: Enter “Settings” > “Developer options” > “USB debugging”
  • For Android 4.2 and more recent versions: Go back to “Settings” Click “About Phone” Tap “Build number” numerous times till you get a notice that reads; “You are in developer mode”. Then go back to “Settings” Click “Developer options” and then check for  “USB debugging. 

3. Begin Removing Old Videos from Your Android.

All Android files are examined and organized into categories. To display all video files on the right side pane, you’d want to go to the “Videos” category. Select the ones you wish to erase from your Android device and press the Delete button.

With a single click, all of the specified video files will be removed from your Android phone or tablet.  


This article has shown the simple steps anyone can take to remove old videos from Android phones/tablets. 

So, if you need to delete your old videos from an Android phone or tablet, just return to this and follow the easy steps that have been shown. 


How do I delete internal video storage on Android?

You can usually find your files on your phone in the Files app. If you can’t find the Files app, it’s possible that your device manufacturer has an alternative app.

How to recover permanently deleted videos from the gallery without backup Android?

If your images are completely wiped from the Android gallery and you don’t have a backup, the only method to retrieve them is to utilize a data recovery program. You can test its key features and seek support by installing it on your Windows or Mac computer.

How to permanently delete photos from the phone so that it cannot be recovered?

On your Android device, open the Photos app, tap the three-dot menu in the upper-right corner and select Select all. At the bottom of the screen, tap the trash can icon. Confirm your desire to delete the photographs and that’s it. 

How do I free up storage space on my Android tablet?

Apps that do not respond should be closed.
Uninstall any programs that you no longer use. 
Clear the cache and data from the app.

Where are videos stored on Android?

Generally, your captured images and videos are saved to the internal memory of your device. 
If you have a MicroSD card installed, you can free up space on your device by shifting images, videos, and other items to your MicroSD card.

Where are permanently deleted files on Android?

You’d find them in your Google Drive app. To recover a file, go to your google drive, tap on any file you want to recover and then you have to tap on restore. 

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