How To Unshare/Remove Family And Friends From Glo Data Bundle

Oftentimes Glo users wonder how to unshare/remove family and friends from Glo data bundle.

There are lots of Glo data bundles that have plans for friends & families, but they can exhaust your data quickly.

Thankfully this guide has answers to your thoughts.

Let’s get straight to it.

How To Unshare/Remove Family And Friends From Glo Data Bundle – Quick Steps

Sharing your data with your family & friends can be a pleasant activity, but when you release the rate the data gets exhausted, or how much it costs, this may cause you to think twice.

Here the steps or procedures you could use to unshare/remove family & friends from your  Glo data bundle will be mentioned. 

This can be done via two means;

1. Text message

A lot of people are familiar with this method because it’s simply sending a text.

Here you will send a text that has “Remove Phone Number” to 127

After sending, wait for a while and then confirm it.

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Using the USSD method is one of the means of unsharing or removing family and friends from your Glo bundle

This method is also considered the fastest means, there are two ways to go about using the USSD code.

One of the methods is faster than the other but both means would be given below.

First Method

This is the fastest means of unsharing or removing family & friends from your Glo data bundle.

You simply dial *127*02* Phone number #

After this, you will receive a notification of confirmation that it has been done.

Second Method

The first thing is to dial the code *777# 

The next thing is to select 2 that show data.

You will now select 4 which show share data, once you are here you have the option to share or to unshare.

With this you select 2 which is to unshare, you will be asked to input the person’s phone number.

After this, your request will be processed and you can verify if the number has been removed or not.

One of the questions that will be answered in this article you will be able to check without trying the procedure again.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Do I Know Who Is Sharing My Data On Glo?

You can use this to check firsthand or to confirm if a number you removed is still there.
This can be done in two ways.
By dialing *127*00#
Or by sending a text message that says List to 127

How Does Glo Data Sharing Work?

This process is made easy by the use of the USSD code.
You simply dial the code *777#, after that, you select 4 that says data.
The next is to select 1 which says share data.
With these steps, you would be able to share data with any of your family or friends that are Glo users.

Can I Transfer Data From Glo To MTN?

It’s a known fact that one can not transfer data from one network to another, it can only be done within a network.

How Can You Tell If Someone Is Using Your Data?

The steps below will let you know when someone is using or sharing your data with you, mostly without your knowledge.
You go to your phone settings and select network & internet.
After that, you select data usage, and you then select the mobile data usage there you have access to get what app has consumed the most data.
If there is any app you didn’t use frequently and it has consumed a certain amount of data, you can tell.
You can also use this method to check for wifi data.

How Many People Can I Share Glo Data With?

Glo network permits you to share your data with just five (5) people as the highest number.
It’s only these 5 people that have access to your data.


I hope this article with the content on how to unshare/remove family & friends from the Glo data bundle will be useful to you.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this, please drop them in the comment section.

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