Huawei Band 3 VS Honor Band 4

Huawei Bands and Honor Bands are smart watches that runs a lot of things for you. Though they serve the same purpose and possibly look alike but there are vast differences between the two bands that is mind blowing.

Similarities Between Huawei Band 3 Vs Honor Band 4

Huawei Band 3 and Honor Band 4 are types of smart wristwatches that does virtually everything technology should do when strapped to a human hands. They have Artificial Intelligence that monitors the heart rate of a person while the person is walking, sleeping or eating. They both have dust proof and water resistance efficiency that wouldn’t give you a reason to take it off. They both have sweat resistance that wouldn’t be a problem while jogging or running to catch the morning bus, or even at the gym. Their waterproof depth has a length of fifty meters which is makes them similar in many ways.

But like they say, even twins have differences that would play as time goes one. Huawei band three and Honor Band four have differences even if they’ve come to look alike.

In Honor Brand four, the branded damage resistant glass is absent while in Huawei Brand three, it is present. So, you’d have to think twice before you think of keeping your Honor brand safe from slipping because it can be damaged easily.

The width and the thickness of both brands also differs. In, Huawei brand, the size of the wristwatch is nineteen millimeters while it is seventeen point two in Honor, which is to be taken in consideration if you want to purchase a bigger watch or a smaller one.

Difference Between Huawei Band 3 VS Honor Band 4

There are vast differences between the Honor Brand four and the Huawei Brand three. They are all used for the same purpose, to help keep you on track.

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