iOS 16.1 will turn the iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island into a live scoreboard

In the coming months (and hopefully years), we’ll begin to see the potential of Apple’s new Dynamic Island realized. One of the major upgrades will be the arrival of Live Activities in iOS 16.1. The update is currently in beta, but it should roll out before the end of October. When it does, the Dynamic Island will gain several cool new abilities.

Two weeks ago, Apple told developers that they would be able to build Live Activities that will display on the Lock Screen and in the Dynamic Island once iOS 16.1 arrives.

The Dynamic Island is exclusive to the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, so you will need one of Apple’s latest Pro models to see Live Activities at the top of the screen. One such Live Activity will be the ability to see live sports scores in the Dynamic Island.

This feature has been available in the iOS 16.1 beta since at least September 14, MacRumors reports. If you follow a baseball or a soccer game in the Apple TV app, the score of the game will be shown in the Dynamic Island. It will update whenever either team scores. If you long-press the Dynamic Island, you can see how much time has passed and the latest plays. It’s a great way to follow a game while you’re texting, tweeting, or browsing the web.

If you do not own an iPhone 14 Pro, you can follow along from the Lock Screen. Live Activity widgets will be among the key new features in iOS 16.1.

According to Apple, the feature is available for MLB games in the US, Canada, Australia, UK, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, and South Korea at launch. Live Activities will also be available for NBA and Premier League games, but only in the US and Canada.

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