Wakanda Forever clip hints that there could be multiple Black Panthers

Marvel continues to push Black Panther: Wakanda Forever ahead of the movie’s release next month. The studio already held its big red carpet premiere event in California while releasing additional Wakanda Forever promo clips on social media.

One of those Black Panther 2 clips focuses on the main conflict in the movie: Namor (Tenoch Huerta) vs. Wakanda. But it also features an incredible revelation that could be a massive spoiler. Before proceeding, you should know that big spoilers might follow below.

Who is the new Black Panther?

Marvel did not recast T’Challa following Chadwick Boseman’s death. We’ll see the character’s funeral in Wakanda Forever, as the entire movie will also be an homage to the former Black Panther while advancing the MCU story.

Marvel explained that it was too soon to recast the role, so we don’t need Wakanda Forever trailers and promos to know that we’ll get a new Black Panther in the movie.

The studio is also very deliberate with its teasers. It often misleads fans with trailers and promos to prevent spoilers. Therefore, it’s no surprise that we didn’t see the face behind the Black Panther mask in any of the Wakanda Forever trailers or TV ads.

The first trailer showed the superhero in costume without revealing their face. The second trailer and plenty of the Wakanda Forever clips that followed revealed that a woman would wear the armor. One of those clips hinted that Shuri (Letitia Wright) might be inside the costume. But we explained at the time that Marvel might try to deceive fans.

But what if we see more than one Black Panther in the movie? Leaks did claim that Shuri might not be guaranteed to inherit the Black Panther mantle from her brother. And that we might see more than one Wakanda Forever character in the armor.

Wakanda Forever promo teases two different Black Panther suits. Image source: Marvel Studios

The new Wakanda Forever promo is titled Throne and features the two shots you see in this post. Both of them show two Black Panther helmets. And they are not identical.

We’re only speculating here, but this Wakanda Forever promo teaser might indicate that more than one Black Panther 2 character will wear the armor.

Remember that we also saw a few different costumes in the first Black Panther movie. T’Challa wore one, and Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan) got the other.

A person picking one of two Black Panther armor in new Wakanda Forever promo.
A person picking one of two Black Panther armor in new Wakanda Forever promo. Image source: Marvel Studios

Interestingly, those Black Panther suits did not have helmets. Instead, the necklace would generate the entire suit. In comparison, the Wakanda Forever promo shows us two different helmets that wouldn’t have been necessary before. Maybe Shuri changed the functionality of the suit. Regardless, we’re still looking at two different Black Panther helmets here.

Shuri might have designed at least one of them for her brother. But they’re clearly not identical, so we’ll have to wait for the premiere to understand what’s happening here.

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